How to Draw Graffiti Letters

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Before you learn how to draw graffiti letters, you need to pick out your style.
Take some time surfing through the net to find samples of graffiti pieces and
tags. Print out the graffiti pieces and then get some tracing paper. Using a
paint marker, trace over the graffiti letters. [...]

Best Graffiti Games for Street Artists

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There are now tons of graffiti games where you can make your own tags and
pieces on virtual walls. At the very least, you can make limitless graffiti
pieces on a wall without the cops turning up. These graffiti online games are a
lot of fun for testing out your style but a lot of the graffiti games don’t
really give you much creative freedom. [...]

Best Online Graffiti Creator

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The online graffiti creator has become a huge trend lately. All you need to do
is type in some text and you can click through the various styles on the online
graffiti creators. Making graffiti on the computer is nothing new though. [...]

Tips for Taking Graffiti Pictures

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Taking graffiti pictures is a great way to improve your technique. First of
all, it lets you have an objective look at your graffiti piece. You can also
build up a portfolio of your graffiti pictures in order to see how far you have
progressed in your art. [...]

Basic Rules for Street Graffiti Art

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Let’s be clear: there is a lot of street graffiti art but not all street
graffiti is art! Any serious graffiti artist would quickly chase off a hood rat
tagging some obscenity on their block. It is because of all these hood rats
with no artistic sensibility that street graffiti art is considered a crime
instead of beautification. [...]

Make Your Own Graffiti Letters and Fonts

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Most beginner graffiti artists don’t realize the close relationship that the
art form has with typography. Then, the artist sits down to practice his or her
tag until the letters are absolutely perfect. After this trial and error
process, it becomes clear that making a graffiti style isn’t much different
than designing fonts. [...]

Finding Your Graffiti Style

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Anyone can throw some spray paint on the wall but it takes a lot more than that
to be a graffiti artist. A true graffiti artist has his or her own style which
is developed over time. This style is much more than just the way the graffiti
letters look – it includes everything from the way the artist holds the paint
can, the locations chosen, and statement made. [...]