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Basic Rules for Street Graffiti Art

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Let’s be clear: there is a lot of street graffiti art but not all street
graffiti is art! Any serious graffiti artist would quickly chase off a hood rat
tagging some obscenity on their block. It is because of all these hood rats
with no artistic sensibility that street graffiti art is considered a crime
instead of beautification. Because of this, street graffiti artists should
really keep up a code of honor when it comes to their designs. For newbies,
here are some basic rules which you should keep in consideration:

Want to place a street graffiti work in the most populated area of the city?
Then it better be good! Locations which a lot of people see should be reserved
for masterpieces. If you just want to throw up a few practice tags for fun,
then head to the back alleys.

Practice makes perfect! It takes a long time to build up the skills to make
street graffiti art. Even if you have gotten all the skills down, you need
practice to account for the pressure of making street graffiti art when a cop
could be looming around any corner. Before going for those street graffiti art
masterpieces, do practice runs in abandoned buildings and on other low-risk

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