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Best Graffiti Games for Street Artists

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There are now tons of graffiti games where you can make your own tags and
pieces on virtual walls. At the very least, you can make limitless graffiti
pieces on a wall without the cops turning up. These graffiti online games are a
lot of fun for testing out your style but a lot of the graffiti games don’t
really give you much creative freedom. Graffiti Studio by Vandal Squad
definitely makes one of the best graffiti games. This paint program gives you a
lot of creative freedom in all aspects of virtual street art.

You get to choose from various public transportation locations like a subway car in Tokyo or a London bus. The graffiti game also has lots of choices for medium such as spray
paint tips, paint markers and pens. You can even share your pieces with other
online graffiti players. I am still hoping that someone will come up with an
action graffiti game where you get chased by the cops, have to scout out the
best locations, and even have to worry about drip factor. With the trend in
graffiti games now though, an action game like this is undoubtedly coming in
the near future

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