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Finding Your Graffiti Style

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Anyone can throw some spray paint on the wall but it takes a lot more than that
to be a graffiti artist. A true graffiti artist has his or her own style which
is developed over time. This style is much more than just the way the graffiti
letters look – it includes everything from the way the artist holds the paint
can, the locations chosen, and statement made. A lot of beginners don’t realize
that you can’t just sit down and make your own graffiti style. It is something
that develops over time and occurs without you even realizing it.

The first step to finding your graffiti style is to do some research. Look at
graffiti pictures online and bookmark your favorites. Keep a camera with you at
all times and, when you see a graffiti bomb that you like, take a picture.
After you’ve gotten a large collection of graffiti pictures, see what they have
in common. It may be something as simple as they all contain lots of blue color
or something a bit more arbitrary like the alignment of the graffiti letters.
Once you’ve figured this out, you or on your way to finding your own graffiti

Next, practice making your own graffiti tags based on the style you like. There
are graffiti markers and even graffiti computer programs you can use. Then, get
your basic graffiti supplies and head out into the real world. For your
practice runs, you should stick to back alleys and places like abandoned
buildings. Leave the highly-visible walls for your masterpieces.

Criticism is a crucial part of becoming an artist, even for graffiti artists.
Bring friends to look at your art and ask them to give unbiased feedback on
your graffiti pieces. There are lots of graffiti forums too where you can post
your works. After a lot of practice, you will suddenly find that you’ve got
your own graffiti style.

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